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Fulfill the Graduation Writing Requirement

The Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR) is a CSU-mandated program designed to ensure that student can write proficiently before they enter the professional workforce. All Cal Poly students who are seeking a degree, including those seeking Master's degrees and teaching credentials, must fulfill the GWR before a diploma can be awarded.

  • Undergraduate students with 90 or more completed units should attempt to fulfill the GWR before their senior year.
  • Graduate and postbaccalaureate students should attempt to fulfill the requirements during their first quarter.

There are two ways to fulfill the GWR:

  1. Pass a GWR-certified upper-division course with a C or better on a major writing assignment and a final course grade of C or better with at least 35% of the final grade based on the cumulative grade of all writing projects; OR,
  2. Earn a passing score on a GWR Portfolio (*Note: the GWR Portfolio has replaced the Writing Proficiency Exam in response to the March 2020 CSU suspension of in-person GWR testing).
notice: students will be added to the gwr portfolio canvas site at the beginning of the quarter for which they are expecting to graduate.
If you are not scheduled to graduate in spring quarter, then you should consider enrolling in a GWR-certified course before your final term or visit the GWR Portfolio webpage for more information on how to prepare your portfolio.

If you have questions or concerns about the GWR, please visit the GWR FAQ webpage or contact the Office of Writing and Learning Initiatives.

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Graduation Writing Requirement

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Graduation Writing Requirement

All degree-seeking Cal Poly students, including a Master's degree or teaching credential, must fulfill the GWR.  Undergraduate students must complete 90 units before they can attempt to fulfill the requirement and should do so before the senior year. The two pathways to GWR completion are 1) in an approved upper-division course and 2) via the GWR Portfolio. For more information, click here.